BCP-AU provides services in Business Continuity Planning and advice to help build
organisational resilience into your small business.

At BCP-AU our aim is to simplify the ‘behind the scenes’ business processes for small businesses and to help with risk management ideas to improve your current business plans.

We have found that while there are a variety of companies that offer Business Continuity Management (BCM) training, they are expensive, overly complicated, and not practical for small business. There are many benefits for you, as a small business owner, in having a Business Continuity Plan and understanding the processes of BCM.

Following business continuity planning principles can help small businesses to efficiently manage budgets, resources and systems, which, in turn builds resilience throughout the organisation. The result is a business that is more manageable, more profitable and one that can bounce back quickly after a crisis or disaster.

Make an appointment with us to discuss how we can help to build resilience into your business at: www.bcp-au.com/bookings

BCP-AU offers practical short courses for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

An investment in education for yourself and your staff, and planning upfront can make business processes more effective, much easier to implement and really improve the results you get.

By completing a BCP-AU short course you will learn proven processes and strategies specific for entrepreneurs and small businesses. You can then immediately apply the knowledge you gain from the course to your small business right into the Action Guides that are included in the course. The Action Guides become useful tools for your business that you will refer too after you complete the courses. You can enroll in these short courses here: www.bcp-au.com/courses

With each course you will receive access to our online learning management system, where you will find downloadable

  • Course Books
  • Action Guides
  • Checklists
  • Cheat sheets

Our courses are easy to learn, ready to practically apply to your business, affordable, accessible and a LOT of fun. Come and join us as we believe that through boosting skills in entrepreneurship, together we can bounce forward from COVID-19 and help Australian small businesses to THRIVE!

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