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A business continuity plan isn’t just for you – it’s for your customers. Find out more!

A business continuity plan isn’t just for you – it’s for your customers. Find out more!

Communication is Key during periods of uncertainty – a business continuity plan can help.

While an organisation cannot foresee or plan for every disruption, leading organisations invest in the capabilities needed to respond flexibly to disruptive events.

Let us help you to maintain currency of your business continuity planning through our direct business continuity consulting services, whereby we come into your business, and evaluate your strategic plans and operational requirements.

After analysing your current plans, BCP-AU will present our findings and give you access to our online portal, where we will continue communication, progress business continuity planning, and provide information to assist your small business to keep up to date and on track with your strategic and operational planning. To learn more please contact us and book a complementary initial chat here: www.bcp-au.com/bookings

Business Australia

BCP-AU is located in Queensland Australia and offers business services throughout the country.

In Queensland, the Queensland Government’s Strategy for Disaster Resilience emphasizes that the private sector, community organisations, service providers, and non-government organisations are responsible for understanding their own exposure to disaster risks, and for preparing their own business continuity plans7. It is up to small businesses owners to plan for the worst-case scenarios, so they can be strong and resilient in the face of disasters. 

Armed with this knowledge, and inspired by the COVID-19 Pandemic, BCP-AU started to support entrepreneurs and small businesses to gain practical business skills that can be applied immediately. Skills learned through our online courses can be used to enhance business operations, build resilience into systems, expand professionalism, and improve customer service.

Together we can bounce forward from COVID-19 and help Australian small businesses to THRIVE! 

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Available at: https://www.qra.qld.gov.au/qsdr 
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